A properly handled claim can make
a large difference in the outcome of the claim

The approach of Verity Claims Management to every claim will be to provide “Fundamental True Value.” Our claims handling services are grounded in the following principles:

• Client-focused service
• Collaboration with other service providers
• Careful and thorough analysis and investigation
• Prompt and clear reporting to clients

Verity is here for you, the client.

At Verity, we understand that having a claim made against you results in stress and uncertainty. Verity recognizes that each client may have different needs to deal with claims. Verity is here to assist you through the claims process with informative and understanding guidance to minimize this stress and uncertainty.


Each claim is unique. Verity will thoughtfully and thoroughly investigate and analyze each claim to determine coverage availability. We review the allegations being made, undertake a complete investigation, identify the key issues in dispute and provide timely and articulate reports/letters.


In litigated matters, Verity will work closely with all relevant parties to ensure an effective and efficient defence. This could include resolution planning, setting the direction of the claim, and, when appropriate, considering the value of a negotiated settlement. During the litigation process, key developments are assessed by Verity and reported to you.

Communication is fundamental.
It is your claim, and you will be kept informed.

The Process

  • Notice

  • When Verity is notified of a claim or potential claim, we liaise with the insurer and the insured. We answer your questions about the process and begin our investigation. When necessary, we contact the claimant/their lawyer to advise of our involvement, and manage their expectations. If a court proceeding has been commenced, we may request an extension of the deadline to respond.
  • Investigation

  • Verity begins its investigation with an in-person or telephone interview with the insured. We request and review all documentation relevant to the claim to determine if coverage is available under the insurance policy for the claim.
  • Reporting

  • Verity promptly reports the findings of our investigation to the insurer. The insurer confirms whether or not coverage is available under the insurance policy. Verity promptly and clearly communicates the insurer’s decision to the insured.
  • Litigation Management

  • If coverage is available, Verity will liaise with and provide assistance to defence counsel assigned by the insurer throughout the life of the file. Verity will keep the insured informed throughout the life of the file.
  • Resolution

  • Litigious files tend to end in one of two ways: trial or settlement. Defence counsel, in conjunction with Verity, the insurer and experts, where appropriate, assess the insured’s liability/exposure to the claim and the damages sought.  Factoring in these assessments, defence counsel, the insurer and Verity continually monitor the file to find the most cost-effective, reasonable and timely resolution of the claim at any given time.



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